Extreme Tour

Our company has the honor to present to you an exciting, full of adventures and unforgettable moments of an extreme Off-Road tour in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the Gakh region located on the foothills of the Great Caucasus.

Where you can plunge into the element of nature unaffected by man in its original form.
During the tour, you will get acquainted with the primitive culture and life of mountain peoples, visit the highland villages, swim in thermal springs, go mountain rivers and impenetrable forests.

Gakh is one of the most beautiful regions of Azerbaijan, located in the foothills of the Greater Caucasus.
The highest mountain village in the area is Sarybash, located at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level at the foot of the southern slope.
We offer you a ten-hour tour of the mountains of the Greater Caucasus..

During these 10 hours we will visit a hot sulfur source (Isti-su). To get to the source, part of the road will have to be walked, for even our SUVs are not able to overcome this path

After we overcome the most difficult part of the path along the very edge of the mountain, cross the river and climb to the highest point, the village of Sary-bash.

In the village (Sary-Bash) you will find a huge number of bright emotions, where you can ride on horseback, sit by the fire, try the cuisine of local peoples.

By the end of our beautiful day, we will have an unforgettable picnic on the mountainside, in the thicket of the forest at the at the source (Balyla-Bulag) Where you can relax, share your impressions, warm yourself around the fire, make new friends and try national cuisine.

After visiting the village (Sary-Bash), we will go through impassable forests to the waterfall (Mamyr-Celal), where you can get aesthetic pleasure from the beauty of the wild nature and try real Samovar-tea on the fire.

Azerbaijani cuisine is the national cuisine of the Azerbaijani people. Azerbaijani national food is notable for its great diversity, including dozens of types of various dishes: dairy, meat, flour, vegetable, etc. The methods of cooking and eating are varied and diverse. In the past, food also differed depending on the geographical conditions and social status of people.

When you purchase a tour, you need to familiarize yourself with the route program, the terms of its conduct, and collect everything you need.
Before the tour you need to:
study key points of the route and dates of your stay on the ground;
collect all the necessary things for the route;
- get acquainted with the flora and fauna of the region, which can pose a danger to health and life; Emergency services and embassies;

During the tour you must have with you:
passport, insurance policy. It is advisable to make copies of certification documents in order to present them at the request of the authorities;
clothing that matches the visited region, as well as sun and insect protection;
personal hygiene products and a first aid kit. If you are undergoing treatment and are regularly taking medication, stock up with the required amount of medication for the entire duration of the tour;
some amount of cash, preferably cash.
During the tour it is required to:
- follow all instructions of the guide or conductor;
- inform the guide or conductor about all health problems and other circumstances that may affect the tour program;
- follow the schedule and not be late for a tour or transfer

Health Insurance

Each member receives travel insurance.
The amount of health insurance is 5000 AZN.


Program Time Line

Dear guests and lovers of outdoor activities!

The cost of the tour per person is 125 US dollars.

The price includes:
1. Transfer Baku - Gakh (leaving the day before the tour)
2. one night stay at the hotel, breakfast included (night before the tour)
3. tour from 8 am to 8 pm
4. dinner at the source points bulag
5. Transfer Gakh-Baku

1. Extra (not included):
2. Soft drinks, snacks throughout the tour
3. Equipment rental
4. Fishing
5. Quad Bikes Riding
6. Horseback riding
7. Photo-video shooting

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