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Hunting tourism and recreation is a hunt carried out by private individuals for recreational purposes or with the subsequent use of prey. It is distinguished from industrial by a small number of trophies allowed per hunter in accordance with the Federal Law of the Russian Federation.

There are several hunting tours: for large game, for small game, for large and small predators, for game birds, for sea animals and reptiles.
Also, hunting is day, night, summer and winter. Each type of hunting requires special skills and equipment. There are a great number of devices that help hunters track down their prey. To determine the type of weapon with the method of hunting, you must first determine the beast, which will go hunting. Hunting tourism in Russia is subject to the regulations governing the hunting industry. People who do not obey the law are burdened with fines or other types of punishment.

The regulations vary depending on the region and season, but the basic requirements are similar: not to turn a sporting hunt into an uncontrollable murder and not to harm the environment.

The rich and abundant land of Azerbaijan generously shares its gifts with a man, including hunting game. The key to successful hunting lies in the understanding of the behavior and habits of animals.

Wild animals and birds represented in the republic’s fauna, including endemics (the Caucasian tour), have a number of features associated with their habitats, specific climatic conditions, and characteristic habits. Each type of hunting game requires well-defined methods of hunting (driven, battered, with hounds or gunmen dogs), as well as specific methods (stealing, troving, etc.).

Knowledge of these features will guarantee a successful hunt and help to fully appreciate the wealth and beauty of the nature of the country of lights - Azerbaijan.

We offer you the following options:
Hunting the Caucasus (Dagestan) tur (Mountain goat)
Hunting roe deer, chamois
Hunting a Caucasian Brown Bear
Boar Hunting
Rabbits Hunting
Fox Hunting
Hunting for waterfowl
Hunting for upland and marsh game (woodcock, snipe, forest pigeon)
Partridge Hunting

When you purchase a tour, you need to familiarize yourself with the route program, the terms of its conduct, and collect everything you need.
Before the tour you need to:
study key points of the route and dates of your stay on the ground;
collect all the necessary things for the route;
get acquainted with the flora and fauna of the region, which can pose a danger to health and life; Emergency services and embassies;

During the tour you must have with you:
passport, insurance policy. It is advisable to make copies of certification documents in order to present them at the request of the authorities;
clothing that matches the visited region, as well as sun and insect protection;
personal hygiene products and a first aid kit. If you are undergoing treatment and are regularly taking medication, stock up with the required amount of medication for the entire duration of the tour;
some amount of cash, preferably cash.
During the tour it is required to:
- follow all instructions of the guide or conductor;
- inform the guide or conductor about all health problems and other circumstances that may affect the tour program;
- follow the schedule and not be late for a tour or transfer

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