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For 5 years now we have been organizing hiking trips in Azerbaijan, Russia, Georgia and Turkey. Now we have about dozens of routes in 4 countries. By our efforts about 100 trips were organized, an uncountable number of kilometers was covered, several people were dedicated to tourists. And all because we love the mountains and want to share their beauty with you.

What level of training is required to participate in the hike?

Our hiking trips are enough to be able to walk to participate. Everything else (to put up a tent, make a fire and tell incredible stories) can be learned already in a campaign. Special equipment and equipment is not used - we just go on mountain trails.

Custom trips

  • if you want to go as a separate group, only with "your"
  • if the schedule does not have the dates you need
  • if you need some special route
  • if you're up corporate in the mountains
  • then we can organize for you an individual trip to the order - any dates, any difficulty, any route. In general, the minimum group size for an individual hike is 5 participants

When you purchase a tour, you need to familiarize yourself with the route program, the terms of its conduct, and collect everything you need.
Before the tour you need to:
study key points of the route and dates of your stay on the ground;
collect all the necessary things for the route;
- get acquainted with the flora and fauna of the region, which can pose a danger to health and life; Emergency services and embassies;

During the tour you must have with you:
passport, insurance policy. It is advisable to make copies of certification documents in order to present them at the request of the authorities;
clothing that matches the visited region, as well as sun and insect protection;
personal hygiene products and a first aid kit. If you are undergoing treatment and are regularly taking medication, stock up with the required amount of medication for the entire duration of the tour;
some amount of cash, preferably cash.
During the tour it is required to:
- follow all instructions of the guide or conductor;
- inform the guide or conductor about all health problems and other circumstances that may affect the tour program;
- follow the schedule and not be late for a tour or transfer

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