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Expeditions to Caucasus, Georgia, Turkey, Russia are available

Special discounts for the bigger groups

When you purchase a tour, you need to familiarize yourself with the route program, the terms of its conduct, and collect everything you need.
Before the tour you need to:
study key points of the route and dates of your stay on the ground;
collect all the necessary things for the route;
- get acquainted with the flora and fauna of the region, which can pose a danger to health and life; Emergency services and embassies;

During the tour you must have with you:
passport, insurance policy. It is advisable to make copies of certification documents in order to present them at the request of the authorities;
clothing that matches the visited region, as well as sun and insect protection;
personal hygiene products and a first aid kit. If you are undergoing treatment and are regularly taking medication, stock up with the required amount of medication for the entire duration of the tour;
some amount of cash, preferably cash.
During the tour it is required to:
- follow all instructions of the guide or conductor;
- inform the guide or conductor about all health problems and other circumstances that may affect the tour program;
- follow the schedule and not be late for a tour or transfer

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