Quad Bikes Tour

Rest, riding and tours on quad bikes in Gakh- the unique combination of drive, emotions and good mood!

The quad bike is a unique vehicle that will allow you to come into close contact with nature and the local color of the Gakh world and will provide an opportunity to get to the lost and, possibly, previously inaccessible corners! If you participate in any tours on quad bikes, you will definitely get the opportunity to appreciate the various reliefs and landscapes of the area. Our routes are laid as with elements of extreme (sports) off-road sections, forest lost trails, wetlands, and on flat and hilly high-speed sections of dirt roads, where it is also important to learn the ATV control technique

What do we offer?

  • Route on request (extra price)
  • Individual approach to the client
  • Riding on territory of Gakh
  • Special discounts for the bigger groups

Before embarking on a tour, our guide will distribute to all participants risk acceptance form.
We ask all participants to familiarize themselves with the conditions and sign the document.
Everyone will also be informed about the potential dangers and obstacles that may arise on our route.

Enjoy Your Time!

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